HOW do we operate?



We are fully committed to sustainable practices. Since 2003 we’ve worked closely with each of the regions of Honduras we operate in, with an eye toward helping the communities and inhabitants become active participants in the travel industry and not just spectators. We believe that travel must be beneficial to everyone involved; the travelers, the local service providers, the host communities, and the natural environment where it takes place. Local commitment helps maintain the cultural experiences truly authentic and helps protect the natural landscapes. Please read our Policy on Sustainable and Responsible Practices for more details.


We strongly believe in working directly with local entrepreneurs, so together we can develop mutually beneficial relationships. We identify local entrepreneurs who share our vision, and together create custom travel experiences. Additionally, in a very transparent and honest way, we provide our entrepreneurs with assistance in identifying the places and experiences best suited to our shared needs and then help fine-tune those experiences with continuous training and support.


Our experiences are never “off the rack”. We want to know what you like, what you are interested in, and how much time you have, so we can best create a custom travel itinerary for you. There’s no pressure, you don’t have to commit to the first itinerary we present, and we can adjust to your needs and fine tune the itinerary as much as you want, or even create a completely different alternative. In the process if you decide not to travel with us, you pay nothing because we don’t charge a fee for the planning process. Our business model in based on profit sharing with the local entrepreneurs that we partner with. 

Depending on the season, or the month, our local guides are always on the lookout for events, and activities that offer unique opportunities to experience the local culture, or natural landscape. 


We work very closely with the local entrepreneurs in each region of focus, to create itineraries that are safe, comfortable, and secure. We identify local support services, and authorities in case of injuries to provide the best assistance possible. As with any type of adventure travel, it is strongly recommended to purchase travel medical insurance and travel interruption insurance before your time abroad.

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Policy on Sustainable and Responsible Practices

You can read and download our Policy on Sustainable and Responsible Practices

Policy_on_Sustainable_&_Responsible_Practices_HT&M_16Aug18 (pdf)


Tourism for Sustainable Development Goals

Hand-painted reusable tote bags for our travelers, as an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags

Reducing the use of plastic bags

At the start of our trips we provide our travelers with a hand-painted reusable tote bag that they can use for shopping during their trip. At the end of the trip they can take the tote-bag with them as a keepsake. 

This effort has been included in UNWTO's Tourism4SDGs website. See HERE

Economic benefit for the local economy

We strongly believe that our trips must provide a positive economic impact in the destinations that we visit. This creates incentives for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, conservation of cultural and natural heritage, and keeps families together. Tourism can have an impact in the destinations even before the travelers arrive, by linking the local economy to our marketing efforts. This is why we source our travel show giveaways from local artisans, including key-chains, and wood carvings.  This effort has also been included in UNWTO's Tourism4SDGs website. See HERE